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 anatomical charts


Anatomical products are designed to function as reference material to help increase your knowledge about human anatomy, physiological principles, and important pathological conditions. The Anatomical Charts sold at the QUT Kelvin Grove campus bookshop measure at 20"w x 26"h and are available in either flexible lamination or paper. Below are just some of the charts we have in stock.

Anatomical Charts
Anatomical Charts

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 skeletons and anatomical models

The Kelvin Grove bookshop has a small range of Anatomical Models and Skeletons stock. Many more products are available and can be ordered on request, including a range of sizes for the skeleton. If you are searching for a product that is not displayed, please feel free to contact us. Some of the products available include the following:

Petite Pete (20.3cm) - (CMS-6P)
Tiny Tim "My First Skeleton" (41.9cm) - (CMS-1)
Budget Bucky Skeleton (167cm) - (CH-10)

Petite Pete

Tiny Tim Budget Bucky Skeleton

Mr. Thrifty Skeleton (85cm) - (WCP-1)
Flexible Mr. Thrifty Skeleton (85cm) - (WCP-1NX)
Budget Two-piece Skull (12.7cm x 21.6cm) - (CH-S2)

Mr Thrifty Skeleton

Flexible Mr Thrifty Skeleton Budget Two Piece Skull

Miniature Skull with 8-Part Brain (7.6cm x 12.7cm) - (WCPSB)
Skeleton Foot Model (25cm x 20cm) - (LA7776)


Minature skull with 8 part brain LA7776 - Foot model

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 labcoats and safety glasses

Lab Coats and Lab Gowns available at Gardens Point.

ONLY Lab Gowns available at Kelvin Grove.

Safety Glasses at either Gardens Point or Kelvin Grove.

Saftey Glasses.
Avaible in two Styles.
Glasses type, Overspecs type
Lab Coat, Lab Gown carry case.
Plastic Zip locked bag.
Lab Coat Bag - $5.00
Safety GlassesSafety Over  Glasses

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Stethoscopes are available and stocked at the Kelvin Grove Bookshop.

Nurses Kits - Premium and Basic are available in store
Paramedic Kits - Premium and Basic are also available for purchase.


Littmann Stethoscope Classic II S.E.

Not all colours are in stock.
Colours can be ordered.
Liberty Health Care Classic Stethoscope.

Offers professional styling along with practicality and performance.
Liberty Health Care Classic Tuneable Stethoscope.
Littmann Stethescope Classic II S.E.
Littmann Stethescope Classic II S.E.

Littmann Stethescope Classic II S.E.

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 medical accessories

A small range of useful medical accessories are available from the Kelvin Grove campus bookshop. If we don't have what you are looking for, please inform one of our staff members and we attempt to fulfuil your needs.

Paramedic Utility Pouch
(NPL) (Accessories not included)
Liberty™ Retractable ID Tag  (LTIR)
Nurses Watch Silver 25mm Dial.

Liberty Paramedic Pouch

Retractable ID Tag

• Belt loop, dual compartments and multiple instrument pockets
Pouch size 110mm x 210mm x 75mm
• 40mm Diameter
80cm length
• Stainless steel
• Belt clip
• Royal Blue
• Purple
• Pink

Basic One-Handed Aneroid Sphygmo in Clam shell
Sphygmomanometer Aneroid Erka Switch
Nurses Pouch with Strap.
Single Hand Sphygmomanometer Liberty Aneroid Sphyg Nurses Pouch with Strap
• Palm type sphygmomanometer
• Designed for convenience in both left-handed and right-handed
• Use with a large 55cm dial
• CE0123 Approved
• Includes, Adult cuff, Adult latex bladder, bulb with intake valve and a nylon carry case
• Ergonomically designed for left/right-handed use

• User-friendly valve cap, easy use even with gloves
• Pliable neoprene type material
• Two internal pockets
• Velcro flap closure


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